Eat Out – Larry’s, Venice Beach

It’s our last day in LA, we were quite sad to leave. 

We stopped by at Larry’s for lunch, quite hungry after seeing muscle lady at the outdoor gym 🙂

Hubby had the house burger, I had squid ink pasta which is quite tasty but the photo doesnt work out that well

Their fries with three dipping sauce is yummy. I want the wooden tray, anyone know where I can get it?



Eat out – Tsujita Artisan Noodle, Los Angeles

We got to Tsujita and there are bloody long queue, there is about 20 name in front of us. Hubby said I will die in hunger *rolled eyes*

I said we have to try this ramen so he can compare to his favourite ramen place Hakata Gensuke

Verdict is out – The bone broth and Chasu is better at Tsujita. I guess its worth waiting huh *patted myself on the back*

I should have tried tsukemen, i dont normally like thick noodle but everyone seems to be enjoying it.

Oh yeah next time we visit LA, our first stop would also be Nijiya Market, Japanese groceries opposite Tsujita


Eat Out – The Boiling Crab, Los Angeles

We’ve been travelling all day, I told hubby since he has to stop at San Luis Obispo for fishing tackle store, he has to drive straight to dinner in LA before the restaurant get really busy.

Food and service is not disappointing at all, hubby even said we have to tried making our own cajun spice sauce *rolled eyes*

  • Cajun fries – yummo
  • Snow crab leg – yumm
  • Clam – super yummm
  • Crawfish – will pass next time
  • Garlic sauce – a tad too salty for our liking
  • Shabang sauce – yummm


Eat Out – Passionfish, Pacific Grove

I have been looking forward to dine here, the restaurant dedicated to serving sustainable seafood.  The restaurant was buzzing with people so luckily I booked in advance. The food and drinks is quite reasonably priced too

We tried striped bass, rockfish and halibut    


Eat Out – Famous Dave’s, San Jose

We were supposed to go to The Boiling Crab for lunch but they only open from 3pm onwards *sob*

Ehh cornbread is so sweet, almost like eating cake. Is that normal?


Eat Out – Seafood Peddler, Sausalito

Hubby said let’s have some snacks – he means Oyster *rolled eyes*

We tried three diff oysters (Tomales Bay Miyagi, Blue Point and Chesapeake) & Rhode Island Littleneck Clam 

Lobster bisque is our least favourite dishes

Eat Out – The Cheesecake Factory – Corte Madera

Checking out their lunch menu   

Chicken & Almond salad Sandwich and Mexican Tortilla chip Soup

Rigatoni Pasta with Shrimp & Sausage